One person said something interesting to me about how they like the metal as matched to Bell Ross wa

Watch detailing is as always impressive. Bell Ross far and away makes the best pilot watch hands anywhere. The trick is contrast. The detailing is crisp and the hands perfectly pop off the dials to create a strong, legible look. Others try to duplicate this, but I've never seen anyone do it quite as well as Bell Ross. The three hand watches use the outgoing Bell Ross automatic movement with that super long 7 day power reserve. The handy power reserve on the dial helps keep the look interesting as well. This is one of the 48mm wide watches and comes in both standard Bell Ross styles.

The standard Bell Ross uses a matte black ceramic case with a titanium caseback and large crown. The same goes for the chronograph version. Depending on the model there is a Bell Ross logo engraved into the caseback or offered as a colored print under a protective sapphire crystal. It looks cool either way. Most people claim to not care about the Bell Ross collaboration but I promise you it adds just a nice little icing to this sweet cake.

At 48mm wide it sits nice and big on the wrist. Why else do you think they call it the "Bell Ross? " The Miramar version has a polished gray ceramic case and dial with different colors and a little bit of a different style. It has has a green canvas style strap. If there is anything that you can say about Bell Ross it is that a lot of attention goes into their dials and straps (or bracelets).

Most people will like the subtle Top Gun branding on the watches. There is no mention of it on the dial or case sides. The old model I believe has some type of Bell Ross logo on the side of the case. Only the rear of the watch talks of the Bell Ross connection. While the steel Bell Ross watches look excellent, ceramic is a great material. It is very hard and will wear gracefully as it is very scratch resistant. For the most part these should be really durable watches in terms of looking good for a long time.

One person said something interesting to me about how they didn't like the metal crown and pushers as matched to the ceramic case. They felt the ceramic look was incomplete. I see their point but it doesn't bother me. The truth is Bell Ross really can't do that. Machining ceramic is a pain in the ass, and the technology doesn't yet exist for tiny ceramic pieces with intricate details like crowns and pushers to be made in any cost effective manner. As it stands these Bell Ross watches use grade 5 titanium for the crowns, pushers, and casebacks.

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